A couple of resources I’ve created that I use with my team

Roadmap templates

I’ve written about using a radar shape for roadmaps here, these are a couple of templates I’m using at the moment.

Roadmap basic This is the template I use for single projects, it has now, next, later, and a verify section for things I want to test further before prioritising them

Roadmap for a portfolio This version is more for a portfolio or a service team, and allows them to show roughly when work will be happening, whilst still allowing for some uncertainty and reprioritisation. You could add multiple lanes for different services, or have them all mixed in. It helps highlight if there is too much work for one team to do if the next month bit is getting crowded.

Kanban board stickers

I’ve covered these a bit when I wrote about the anatomy of my kanban board, but it is something I want to revisit in another blog post - I’m using stickers to indicate status a lot more now, where the workflow isn’t as linear as the board allows.



Code Review

User Testing